Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to use your mobile phone as Modem without PC Suit?

The mobile phone can be used as a modem without PC Suit. Some mobile phones(made in China) have no PC Suit and other mobile phones(Samsang, Nokia, Micromax etc.) also used without PC Suit as a modem. Follow the instructions as follows to do this. 

  • Go to START menu 
  • Select Control Panel

  • The Control Panel window will be opened.

  • Now type "Modem" in search box in this window.

  • You can see the window shown below. 

  • Phone and Modem, select this option.
  • The new window will be opened like below.

  • In this window select "Modems". The following window will be opened.
  • Select your Mobile Modem and then select properties.

  • The window shown below will be opened.
  • In this window select "Advance".

  • By selecting the option "Advance" you will get the following window.

  • Now add the extra initilization commond given by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Click "Ok" to save all setting. 
  • Now also click "Ok" in  the old window to save all the setting.

    • Now again go to start menu

        • Select Control Panel. A window new will be opened.
        •  In this window select "Network and Internet".

        • The new window shown below will open.
        •  In this window select "Network and Sharing Center"

        • Now select "Set up a new connection" option to setup "dial-up" connection as shown below.

        • In new window now Select "Setup dial-up connection" and click "Next".

        • After click on next you will get a new window.
        • In this window add the diap-up phone number  Username and password provide by your Internet service provider(ISP) connection name as like you and click on the "Connect" button as shown below.

        • After clicked on "Connect" your dial up setting is completed.
        • Now your mobile is ready to used as a modem. Go to dial up settings select your dial up connection. 
        • Enjoy...
                   Please leave your connection. Your connection is very important for me.